Boditan tanning mousses are safe for health.

It allows you to avoid exposures to the sun and U.V cabins, which cause a risk of cancer and aging of the skin. They also contain no alcohol or paraben.

Absolutely, the application glove is reusable. Wash your glove after each use.

Yes, the Boditan mosses does not prevent to take colors in the sun. However, they do not contain sunscreen. Consider protecting yourself during your exhibitions.

Certainly not ! Our products are crueltyfree and at Boditan the animals are our friends ;)

In Boditan, we do not recommend that pregnant women, during their first trimester (13 weeks) or those who are breastfeeding, use tanning foams. Due to hormonal changes, some women also become sensitive to certain products when they are pregnant, so this advice is a general precaution. Before using, consult your doctor.

The tan lasts between 6 and 8 days. Your tan will fade faster if you multiply bathing.

As many times as you like. Exfoliate your skin before each use.

You can do 6 to 8 sessions with a bottle.

Yes, Boditan products are suitable for the body, as for the face.