Application Tips


Preparing your skin is an important step not to be overlooked. It will allow you to have an optimal and lasting rendering! Wash and exfoliate your skin. Do not use moisturizer, oils, lotions, which may prevent complete absorption of the tanning foam.


Shake and apply the foam evenly with the glove by moving it from the bottom up and rotating, facing a mirror and in a well-lit room. Do not insist on areas such as elbows and knees, which tend to darken further. You can apply a second layer of foam after about ten minutes if you wish for an even darker tan.


Wear clothes (or not;)) wide and dark and let the product penetrate for 8 hours. Keep in mind that the longer the exposure time, the more intense the tan. Tanning develops for 8 hours. You can rinse the product before, but you will get a lighter tan.


Then rinse with lukewarm water and soap-free to remove excess. Do not be surprised to see the tan fade during rinsing, it is quite normal.

There you go ! Admire the result :)